Wonderful Pistachios

Put A Smile On That Snackface

Additional Notes:

            As a young creative trying to break into the industry, I’ll forever be grateful for my time and experience at The Wonderful Agency. Furthermore, I’m indebted to my mentor and former Head of Production, Anne Kurtzman, who I met as an over-eager production assistant that broke one of the 10 Commandments of PAing: don’t talk to the clients or agency. 

She over-explained every step of the process of production and exemplified the balancing of egos/personalities by her unwavering optimism and quick-thinking. As eager as I was to learn, she was willing to not just teach, but also pushed me towards growth by passing me responsibilities beyond my experience and role. Would you entrust an inexperienced 24-year-old with million dollar decisions? 

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Anne Kurtzman
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