Tiffany & Co. Mens Collection 2019

Tiffany & Co. (USA):  A-Trak 

Additional Notes:

            As a global initiative for the 2019 release of Tiffany & Co’s. mens collection-- Tiffany & Co., commissioned our team at HYPEBEAST to produce a 4-part influencer-based global campaign for their markets in  North America, United Kingdom/Europe, China, and Japan. Our first talent was the legendary DJ + Producer: A-Trak.

Apart from working with A-trak, the best part of this project was the fact that he went through all the trouble of getting his ‘97 golden turntables that he won in 1997 at the DMC World Championships-- the youngest DJ to ever win. He mentioned that he’s never shared or shot these before, we were honored.

Tiffany & Co. (CHINA):  Ryan Xie 

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Tiffany & Co. (UK/EUROPE):  Bakar

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Comissioned By:
HYPEBEAST + Tiffany & Co.
Yohan Yoon