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Korean Fan Death 
Context / Behind-The-Scene

            Like many Asian-Americans working in a creative field, my immigrant parents still lack an understanding of what my profession and career entail. Pursuing a life as a story-teller isn’t as binary as becoming a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer.

Korean Fan Death has been one of my favorite projects that I’ve had the pleasure of writing, directing, and producing for NBC. It was a piece that I wrote 4-5 years prior to it going into production, a process I held out on because I wanted my confidence and experience to catch up to how I envisioned the story to be told.

Often times,  people hardly recognize the amount of time, energy, and sleepless nights in the editing room to perfect a couple of seconds on video. This project taught me a lot about finding joy within the process. The greatest example of this was at the conclusion of a video-chat interview with my dad, who often forgets how to hang up the phone. We said goodbye, and I continued to stay on the line as I watched him walk off screen, calling for my mom and telling her how much fun he had and how much he loved what I was doing as a career.

Seeing my mom’s face plastered all over the front of page of NBC News, Apple News, and trending across AAPI facebook group pages was a real treat as a son. With that being said, This was one of the most important, if-not proudest,pieces I’ve worked on, solely because it involved the participation of both my mom and dad.


Comissioned By:
NBC Left-Field
Yohan Yoon