NBC News - “Korean Fan Death”

Korean Fan Death 

Additional Notes:

            Like many Asian-Americans working in a creative field, my immigrant parents still lack an understanding of what I actually do. Pursuing a life as a storyteller or creative isn’t as binary as becoming a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer.

Korean Fan Death is my favorite project that I’ve produced. The deck and idea was written up 4-5 years prior to it going into production, a process I held out on because I lacked the confidence as aa filmmaker/producer when I was first inspired. 

People don’t often recognize the amount of time, energy, and sleepless nights in the editing room to perfect a couple of seconds on video. This project wasn’t perfect, but it taught me a lot about finding joy within the process.

The greatest example of this was at the conclusion of a video-chat interview with my boomer father, who often forgets how to hang up the phone.
We said goodbye, and I continued to stay on the line as I watched him walk off screen. I listened to him calling to my mom and telling her how much fun he had, and how much he loved what I was doing for work. He’s never had the opportunity to join me on a production set-- but for a few minutes, I felt that he finally understood a little bit more of my career and life.

Also, seeing my mom’s face all over the front of page of NBC News, Apple News, and trending across AAPI community group pages was crazy.

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