ASICS Japan Sportstyle ‘2020

ASICS 2020 Tokyo Olympics 

Additional Notes:

           I strongly believe that the best creative executions arise out of a team that genuinely respects and enjoys working together. A family project in a way, Adam Studios (headed by Alex Maeland and Eugene Kan, and also founders of MAEKAN), was commissioned by ASICS Japan to create a lifestyle fashion lookbook to promote the upcoming Japan 2020’ collection. Ultimately, we decided to utilize Queens as a backdrop for this project. Considering the global and diverse ethnic background that the bourough represents, we felt that it would be an appropriate parallel to the global mantra that the Olympics represents. 

Commissioned By:
Art Director:
Video Director:
Adam Studios
Michael Kusumadjaja
Nayquan Shuler
Ryan Chun
Yohan Yoon